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The Phoenix Legacy, Book 2: Shadow of the Swan

The Phoenix Legacy, Book 2: Shadow of the Swan


By M. K. Wren
Read By Scott Brick
The Phoenix Legacy, Book 2 

Scott Brick Brings M.K. Wren's Phoenix Legacy, Book 2: Shadow Of The Swan to Audiobooks!

Years after the Lord Alexand’s “death” and the birth of Alex Ransom, a sprawling intergalactic empire creeps closer to the brink of annihilation…

Since its first printing in 1981, The Phoenix Legacy trilogy by M.K. Wren has stood as the pinnacle of epic science fiction, space opera in the grandest tradition.  Now, Brick By Brick Audiobooks continues the magnificent saga of a great family’s role in the fall and rebirth of man with Volume Two: Shadow Of The Swan.

“Scott Brick isn’t just a voice. He’s a painter, bringing to life characters and places and situations that would otherwise lie flat on a page. He’s painted every book I’ve done and I’m telling you, on more than one occasion, people have come up to me at signings and said they only picked up the book because Scott Brick read it.
Brad Meltzer (Book Of Lies, Identity Crisis, Jla)

Born to rule, the Lord Alexand DeKoven Woolf nonetheless swears to destroy the greatest empire mankind has ever known, all for the greater good of humanity, yet four years after he “died” to be reborn as a Phoenix member, Alexand is at a crisis point: how to carry on when his sacrifices have been apparently futile?  Can he immerse himself in his brother's work, preaching the same message of peace and submission to the Bond faithful, before the Concord’s brutal hierarchy drags them into a bloody Dark Age?  Can he save the Society of the Phoenix before a bitter schism divides it and destroys the only hope humanity has?  And can Alexand revive not only his former life as a member of the Concord’s Directorate, but even more important, his contracts of marriage to the Lady Adrien…?

Scott has fond memories of stumbling across this title on the last day of his favorite science fiction bookstore’s existence, A Change of Hobbit; it was a chance encounter with a random title he came very close to never discovering.  Having wept each of the five times he’s read this series, never discovering this series would have been tragic.  Scott has described this epic science fiction saga as “The Winds Of War set in outer space, it’s A Tale Of Two Cities meets Dune, it’s… it’s its own unique creation, a gem that most people, even most science fiction fans, don’t know about.  Trust me, you’ll love this book.”

Copyright 1982 by Martha K. Renfroe.
Production copyright 2009, Scott Brick Productions, LLC.

Type: Unabridged
Length: 15 hours & 50 minutes
Released: December 15, 2009

The Phoenix Legacy is also available as a complete collection of 3 volumes.

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