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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the BBBA store – we hope you found exactly what you’re looking for. And you keep coming back for more. But if you need a bit of help, here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you on your way.  

Making a Purchase

Why Aren’t these Books Available on   NEW
While Scott has an agreement with the publishers of each audiobook which makes them exclusive to BBBA, we recently launched a partnership with Audible for all three books of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever. We are exploring partnership options for additional BBBA titles, but for now only Lord Foul's Bane, The Illearth War and The Power That Preserves are available though outside distributors. All other BBBA audiobooks are only available here.

I Live in the UK and I Can't Order From the BBBA Store   NEW
Due to restrictions from the publisher, we cannot sell Stephen R. Donaldson titles to anyone residing in the UK, Ireland, Australia and various African and Island territories.  If you are interested in a non-Covenant title and are still having trouble placing an order, just email the HelpDesk at and we'll do our best to help.

Do You Offer Refunds and/or Exchanges?
If you’re unhappy with your download order and notify us within 24 hours, we will refund your full purchase price via your original payment method. Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds after the 24 hour period because it’s impossible to return the download. If you experience technical issues with your download, please contact the HelpDesk and we’ll provide you with alternate audio files.

If you purchased a CD audiobook and discover one or more of the discs to be faulty, we will exchange them at no cost to you. We do not offer refunds for MP3 CD audiobooks.

Why Are the Audiobooks More Expensive than Audible?
Unlike Audible and the other big guys, Brick By Brick Audiobooks is a small shop with a handful of dedicated employees. We are constantly working to keep prices down, including offering discounts for loyal customers and seasonal promotions. Be watching for our newsletter for more info and if you’d like to signup to receive the newsletter, send an email to

How Do I Access/Download Previous BBBA Orders?
All BBBA digital orders should be accessible through your online account.  While logged in, click through to My Downloadable Files to access download links for each title purchased.  If you haven't created an account and/or are having trouble accessing an order from late 2016 and forward, send an email to the HelpDesk at and request assistance in linking your order to your new online account.  VERY IMPORTANT - be sure to include the name and email used for the order when contacting the HelpDesk.  If you have questions regarding an order placed prior to 2016, you will need to include your confirmation email as proof of purchase to receive a replacement download link. Sorry no exceptions.

Downloading the Books

 **NEW**  Instructional Video

We realize that accessing and/or playing the BBBA can be a challenge if you're not familiar with the technology.  So to help, we've created a short instructional video that should help with the basics.  You can watch it below:  


How Do I Listen to the Audiobook on My Phone (or Tablet)?

At long last we have converted our BBBA MP3 audio files to the new M4B audiobook format!  Unlike with the MP3 formatted files, you no longer need to download each chapter file individually - instead each audiobook has been condensed into either a full file or 1-3 parts and coded to play as a continuous book.  We have also remastered the audio levels and included chapter breaks for easier listening.  

How do you access the new M4B format?  Just login to your online account and re-download all your BBBA titles, the system has automatically updated all orders.

To play the new audiobook format, the native music player app in your device should automatically play any audiobook.  If you're having issues with the built-in player and/or looking for additional player functions, we recommend installing a 3rd party audiobook app.  Check out:

iOS:  While several apps are listed at the Apple store that are compatible for playing audiobooks, we've discovered that The BookPlayer app works best with M4B files. It allows you to select playback speed, pick up a chapter where you left off, monitor the progress of your book and many other options. Free with in-app purchases available.

Android:  Smart Audiobook Player enables you to play any audiobook on your Android phone or tablet. It allows you to select playback speed and pick up where you left off with multiple books active, all from a widget on your home screen. Also includes sleep timer and built-in equalizer.  Quick note: make sure to create a subfolder for the audiobooks you download so that the app can find the proper files to play.  Free with 30 day trial, $1.99 Full Version. mAbook Audiobook Player is also a great free player with similar features.

And for those looking for the original MP3 audio files, just send the HelpDesk an email and we'll help you with that option.

I Still Can’t Get My Audiobook to Play!
Although it’s hard to troubleshoot your issue via email, we are happy to try and help. Just send an email to the HelpDesk and provide the following information: Mac or Windows, Operating System, Music Program/app you're trying to use and any other pertinent details. Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply, although we try to get back to you sooner.

I Bought an MP3 CD Audiobook

Will I Get the New M4B Format For My CD Order?
Right now we're sticking with MP3 audio files for CD orders.  Any changes to the policy will be posted here.

Can I Play These Discs in My Car?
Some cars come equipped with stereos that play MP3 discs, but not in every case. Due to the large size of the audio files and the audiobook play time, if we produced regular music CDs (like what you find in the library), each book would consist of 40+ discs. That just isn’t cost effective for us or for our customers. Like the download versions, each disc needs to be imported into a music program and then sync’d with your device for use in the car.

As many cars are now coming equipped with USB auxiliary options, you can try copying the files from your MP3 discs to a compatible flash drive.

Do You Ship CD Audiobooks Internationally?
Yes. The store should calculate shipping options to your home country – if you still require assistance, send an email to the HelpDesk.

How to Reach Scott

I Want to Send Scott a Note to Say Hi…
Scott loves to hear from folks like you, although he doesn’t have time to personally reply to each message. You can send your greeting to Scott here:

Can I Get An Autograph?
Of course! Send us the details at


The BBBA Library

How Often Do You Add New Titles to the Store?
We've had a bit of a gap since the Second Chronicles release, but we're currently researching additional titles to add to the library.  Keep checking back for updates.

Will You Be Releasing Any Other Books By Stephen R Donaldson?
With the exception of The Second Chronicles and the Last Chronicle's Fatal Revenant, all books written by Stephen R. Donaldson are available at Audible. There are no future plans to release additional Donaldson books at this time... BUT... you never know.

Why Are Some Books Listed As Sold Out?
The Donaldson books in the library that are showing a sold out status are either: from the first Chronicles, which are on hold for an introductory period to allow Audible exclusive sales or from the Final Chronicles and only available at Audible but listed with a link for customer convenience.

I Want to Send a BBBA Audiobook as a Gift…
Hey, that’s so nice of you! Click the Add a Note to Your Order link during the checkout process and alert us of the gift (make sure to include the person’s first name). For download orders, we’ll send you the download link and a greeting for you to pass along. For CD orders, make sure to enter the gift recipient’s shipping info and we’ll include a note in the package.

Thanks for taking the time to read over all the BBBA info and we hope that your listening experience is truly enjoyable!