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Happy almost Halloween Everyone! And to celebrate we're offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Giveaway... Just purchase Frankenstein or the original Gothic Horror and get Gothic Horror Vol 1.2 FREE!  This newest addition to the Gothic Horror collection includes The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens.  Just add either of our featured titles to your cart along with bonus GH V 1.2 and the discount will be added automatically.   Offer good through midnight on All Hallows' Eve.  Enjoy!


The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant will finally be available at Audible! 

THE ONE TREE IS NOW AVAILABLE!  Click image to order now!

White Gold Wielder will be released on December 6th.  During that time we will not be selling those titles in order to offer Audible an exclusive sales window.  We will resume our sales of all Second Chronicles titles Jan 1, 2023.  CD orders ARE AVAILABLE for all Second Chronicles titles.



Ready to jump into a tale that's truly meta?  Check out Landon Beach's new thriller, Narrator.  Think Stephen King's Misery in a recording booth. The Real Book Spy says "...the performance from iconic narrator Scott Brick, whose commanding voice lends itself perfectly to Shawn Frost, capturing every beat of emotion in a way that only he can. Quite simply, this is the performance of Brick’s career..."  An absolute must listen! 



Scott's passion project Dreamer of Dune, the biography of Dune author, Frank Herbert, is now available. "Insightful and provocative, containing family photos never published anywhere, this absorbing biography offers Brian Herbert's unique personal perspective on one of the most enigmatic and creative talents of our time."  Don't miss it...



Don't forget to check out our new Indy Author Collection.

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