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Scott Brick & Johnny Heller present:
The 4th Annual Audiobook Business Workshop!



Sunday, March 21st  12:00pm - 7:00pm (EASTERN STANDARD TIME)
Virtual Attendance

Scott Brick and Johnny Heller — two of the most sought-after audiobook narration coaches in the nation, with over 1700 titles between them — are back again to offer attendees around the world the chance to experience the wildly successful business seminar!  Focusing on business topics targeted specifically to audiobook narrators, this year's event features new panel guests (with a few familiar faces returning), along with new programming subjects designed to expand your business model in lockdown. 

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PANEL ONE:  So You Want to Be a Publisher...?   (Scott Brick, Jessica Kaye & Eric Jason Martin)

There are benefits in becoming a producer, and even more when you become a publisher.  But how do you find out who owns the audio rights to a certain title?  And how do you acquire them?  And how much should you spend?  Learn from the audio industry’s top publishing attorney Jessica Kaye how to approach your business from the other side of the microphone and hear Eric Jason Martin's exciting journey into producing a hit title.

PANEL TWO:  The Art of Self-Direction - How Do You Up Your Game Even When There's Nobody Else in the Room?  (Johnny Heller, Christina Rooney & Vikas Adam)

Life in isolation is hard enough, but directing oneself in isolation is far more difficult.  Above and beyond the skills aspect, what options do narrators have to improve their work while quarantined?  In addition to providing resources to our attendees, renowned Audie Award-winning producer at Penguin Random House Christina Rooney will discuss other avenues you have available to you to transform a good performance into a great one.

PANEL THREE:  How Do I get New Clients When I Can't Even Leave the House?  Getting (More) Work During a Pandemic  (J. Michael Collins & Tom Dheere)

How do you find more clients during a pandemic that’s trapped everyone in their homes?  Where do you find new authors/producers, and how do you approach them?  What kind of deal should you offer them when you do?  And most importantly, isn’t it a good idea to cast your net a bit wider and try other similar types of narration during lockdown?  Join narrator and business consultant Tom Dheere and internationally renowned VO producer J. Michael Collins as they steer you toward new untapped markets and answer all your questions.



PANEL FOUR:  Uh Yea, I'm Gonna Need You to Learn to Do Office Stuff - Taxes and Workflow to Work Smarter, Not Harder  (Gina Smith & Tom Dheere)

Industry experts show you how to use various apps and online platforms to streamline your workflow, and discuss just how much of your work could (and should) be outsourced.  From studio options (or musts) to negotiating contracts to using outside post-production houses, we’ll cover it all, and show you how and where to find whatever you need.  Come with questions, we're here to help!

PANEL FIVE:  Publisher's Roundtable - The Fourth Time's the Charm!

Get advice about how to approach and work with publishers directly from the horse's mouth: the publishers themselves!  Got a question? Ask away! We’ll be joined by representatives from some of the biggest houses in audio publishing, including:

Penguin Random House
Recorded Books 

And Finally...

THE MICROPANELS:  Three 15-Minute Conversations About Untapped Markets for Narration, Narrator Resources, and the Well-Stocked Studio

In between our primary panels we’ll have three briefer discussions, or palette cleansers if you will, before diving back into the major subjects.  Each will contain information, resources and advice that no professional narrator should do without.  And although our major panels will be available for purchase separately, sadly these three can’t be, but they’re part of the full package available to all.  Value added!



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Enjoy your workshop!

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