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FREE Audiobook Narrated by Scott Brick!



Let's talk about free audiobooks!  In celebration of the 4th of July holiday, we're offering a free download for one of our exclusive BBBA titles, SWORD OF THE LAMB, Book One in the Phoenix Legacy series by author M.K. Wren.  A classic sci-fi space adventure in the vein of Asimov's Foundation trilogy it's described as:

"At the heart of the Concord empire, unrest is festering. Unrecognized by the Elite, the ruling class, an undercurrent of rebellion is surging through the enslaved Bond class. It’s a threat that could bring down all of civilization, creating a third Dark Age."  


So want to check out a free download of Sword of the Lamb?  All you have to do is send a screengrab proof of purchase for any of the audiobook titles listed on our Indy Author page at the BBBA Store to  Once we receive your email, one of our friendly HelpDesk agents will send you coupon code to redeem for your free download.  Super easy.  Giveaway runs from July 2nd through July 31st, one code per person please.  AND... after the giveaway ends we're gonna draw 5 random emails to win the full Phoenix Legacy Trilogy download... BOOM!