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In addition to his audiobook workshops, Scott Brick also offers private and personalized coaching: whether you want to advance your career in narrating or need specific assistance with an upcoming project, coaching sessions are available via Skype/FaceTime for $250 an hour.  Scott explains: 



Hello everyone.  I am now offering one-on-one coaching with a view to turning good narrators into great ones.  If you want to keep learning and growing, and truly sink your teeth deeper into the more intricate skills of narration, then these lessons are for you. The two primary lessons I have learned in my time spent in the studio, working on over 850 audiobooks since 1999, has been that narrators must connect emotionally with the text, and share a bit of themselves in their reads.  As such, my specialty is helping newer, developing narrators to do the same. In these sessions we will also cover:

    • Discovering and Embracing Your Own Personal Style
    • Making Appropriate Character Choices
    • Advanced Microphone Technique
    • Adding Character to Narrative
    • Text Analysis Skills to Use On Every Title You Do

I encourage narrators to work on projects during our time together that they’re currently narrating in their studios, so the lessons learned can be immediately applied to their professional work.  These sessions are perfect for beginners or audiobook veterans.  Wherever you are on your narration journey, I would love to help you reach your goals. 


Intrigued?  Ready to book a session?  Great!  Click the booking button below to select a date/time and generate a session request. Someone will be in touch about scheduling and once your session is confirmed, you'll receive a link to pay online.  Easy.