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The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 3: White Gold Wielder

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 3: White Gold Wielder

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by Steven R. Donaldson
Read by Scott Brick


THIS TITLE WILL LAUNCH ON AUDIBLE ON 12/6/2022.  To honor an exclusive sales opportunity for Audible, all BBBA download sales of this title will be suspended until March 1, 2023.


"...I want you to go back to the Land. To Revelstone. And stop the Clave. Put out the Sunbane. If you do that, the Sunbane'll slow down. Maybe it'll even recede. That'll give us time to look for a better answer."

Thomas Covenant was shocked by Linden Avery's demand; but he realized that, despite their awful failure on The Isle of The One Tree, there was no alternative but to return and fight. Mhoram had warned him: "...In the end, you must return to the Land." After a long and arduous journey overland, the company reaches Revelstone. Following a fiery showdown with Gibbon Raver, Covenant discovers that he can come to terms with—and control—his awesome power. As he readies himself for the final showdown with Lord Foul, the Despiser, Thomas Covenant knows he has the answer at last.

WHITE GOLD WIELDER, Book Three of The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, is the stunning conclusion to the extraordinary saga that has become a major international bestseller.

Type: Unabridged
Length: 22 hours 44 minutes.


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