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The Aggressive Art of VO Auditioning Study


So you want more info on breaking into the voiceover industry?  Of course you do!  Pat Fraley is the master at voiceover instruction... just ask Scott Brick:

"Pat's teaching is beyond instructional - he not only offers the tools to help better your skills, he also provides insight into the industry that is unrivaled. Do this workshop, you'll be glad you did!"



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They don’t hire the best. They want good and different. Pat Fraley shares his aggressive, unorthodox way of delivering VO auditions.

You will record your assignment for each lesson and send it via mp3 to Pat Fraley. He will personally listen to all your homework and respond with specific guidance on your efforts.

For a limited time, save $100 on this invaluable study package.  No coupon code required.

Visit the Aggressive Auditioning Course Page to sign up and best of luck!